We are a collaborative team headed by Carlo Calma & Jp Calma, who works with various talents ranging from Architects, Artists, Builders, Chefs, Designers, and Engineers, mostly from the second generation Calma Family whose patriarchs originate from Mount Arayat, Pangpanga.

To be the alternative property developer utilizing design precepts that are progressive, non-commercial, and above standard.

Our design thrusts are in the realms of culture, heritage, environment, and technology. We intend to balance profound ideas to expand life’s vicissitudes and add value to the projects we grow and products we create, while maintaining an intimate attention to detail, hence our motto: “Architect your Life.”

To maximize the potential of each of our projects in both space and time, choreographing users and viewers allowing people to architect one’s life.

To develop immersive, authentic, responsive solutions, landscapes, and moments that all merge valuable meaning and sensuality into a robust real estate product.


JP Calma, the builder, has 15 years of experience in interior finishing fit-outs, construction management, strategic planning and Research & Development. He is a graduate of De La Salle University, Philippines 2002, Asian Institute of Management, Philippines in 2004, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA, 2006.

Juan Carlo Calma, the transformer, has been called "one of the Philippines’ bright young stars in architecture, interior design and visual arts. With a pedigree from a line of artisans and architects, he finished multi-disciplinary courses at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco (2000-2003). He then moved to London and graduated at Architectural Association School of Architecture (2009).

His works seek to blend the boundaries between art and architecture. His 10-years design practice, also challenges itself to cross multiple scales from bespoke private homes to public installations that have been called "intelligent," "edgy," and "very impressive.” His works have been said to be blending disciplines and surmounting limitations with new modes of being and technology.


“Calma Properties is a kind of vertical integration or next step growth from our professional fields. We are really the hired professionals by your favorite developer next door, but this time around we come directly to the consumers as property developers ourselves. Even as professionals we were always non- standard on our design and construction methodologies, and we intend to keep this identity even more so as developers. At this vantage point we are more ful- filled for we are liberated towards the consumer in giving value that is more direct, purer, unaltered, and therefore will be always more abundant. “ -JP Calma-

Based from two grids - the triangular grid which symbolizes the Greek alphabet Delta which represents the three principles - Locality, Culture & Technology. And the Cube Grid - derived from various facets of architecture, interior, art and objects.


14.6760° N, 121.0437° E

Location: Quezon City, Philippines Estimated No. of floors: 25 (TBA) Estimated Completion Date: TBA

The project was incubated by the memories and histories of the site. This 70-year old house was the location of iconic Filipino movies such as “Bagets,” and “Leon at Ang Daga,” starring Fernando Poe Jr – a legendary action star figure in Philippine cinema. This rich heritage and preservation of historical buildings is something we believe is very valuable – it is a new template in property development by merging living residential units to existing old heritage sites. The Monument is made of 3 bedroom units stacked on top of each other showing the best vistas and all bedrooms has corner views. Each bespoke unit has its own individual floor making it very exclusive. Vertical hanging garden is a feature in this building – choosing certain kinds of plants and trees to thrive and become oxygen for the city. The two penthouses as well have innovative design such as 360 degrees views as well as an urban forest.


Pablo Residences

14.4793° N, 121.0198° E

Location: Paranaque, Philippines 3-Storey 6 Units Condominium Start Date: 17 November 2017

The concept of these six-condominium residences is about interlocking white boxes that is inspired by creating an artificial suspended mountain tableau of vertical landscape. Each unit is handcrafted to create natural sunlight, cross ventilation and ultimate window views. We consider this as an innovative way of living where there are areas of play and entertainment.


Showroom and Office

12th Floor Clipp Center

39th St Cor 11th Avenue

Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, 1634

Metro Manila

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